How To Get The Trend of Color Blocking Right

Color Blocking is for the fun and bold. Delicate fashionistas have nothing to do with this trend. It is not only a peppy trend to try out but is also dangerous because it has maximum chances of going wrong. Here, the trend is unraveled and all the mystery about it now clears to ensure that you get the trend right and rock in your outfit –

Myths Surrounding Color Blocking

Most people believe that color blocking involves mindless pairing of outfits, that any color can be combined with any other color, they couldn’t be more wrong. Color blocking is a way to look spontaneous but it is actually a well thought out trend, where the chosen colors, block and yet complement each other. The colors are so placed, that they are contrasting. The idea is not to look like a clown, unlike what most people perceive this trend to be. It is to create a new and fresh look with multiple colors.

  • Choosing The Colors – Choosing the right colors is the essence of this trend. As mentioned earlier, the selection is not haphazard but is strategic.
  1. How Many Colors – You should not go beyond 3 colors. It makes for an ideal combination – not being too less to defeat the purpose of the trend but being enough to try innovative styles and looks.
  2. How To Choose – Always refer to the standard color wheel for choosing the color. Draw a triangle with three equal sides on the color wheel and then choose colors. If this is too scientific for you and you feel it’s stifling your creativity in some way, you could do another thing. Go with any basic or neutral color like black, brown, white, grey et al and combine it with a bright color like pink, yellow or orange. Don’t forget to team it with a nice shade of lip gloss from
  3. Choosing The Right Combinations – These are some combinations that always click. They have been chosen and worn by many fashion conscious people and have always hit the bull’s eye in terms of making a fashion statement.
  • Brown, Bright Pink, Peach
  • Cobalt Blue, Yellow, Orange
  • Black, Violet, Orange
  • Deep Blue, Purple, Teal

Make sure that your shoes and accessories mirror your trend and keep the feisty and chic spirit of color blocking alive. If you want to make a bold statement, color blocking is the way to go!

Rose Atwood is a fashion expert with specialization in summer fashion looks. 

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