#FeedArt Beauty: 7 Quick Tips To Help Your Nail Polish Last Longer

7 Quick Tips To Help Your Nail Polish Last Longer

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Nail polish has a natural tendency to chip after several days of wear. Whether you paint your nails yourself at home, or get a manicure at your local salon, chipping nail polish is a common problem that can be highly frustrating.

Even a single chip can compromise the look of your entire manicure. Fortunately, there are simple ways to prevent your nail polish from chipping and even extend the length of your manicure. Here you will find a list of super simple tips.


1. Ensure your nails are clean. Dirt and natural oils that lay on the nail surface can aid in chipping. Remove any old polish still left on your nail with acetone with a soft cotton ball. Wash with warm water and soap to remove oils and dirt from your hands and nails.

2. Always apply a base coat. It’s important to apply a thin, clear base coat to prep your nail for polish. Allow the base coat to completely dry before applying colored polish.

3. Keep layers of polish thin. Never apply your nail polish too thick, as it can cause bubbles, makes the nails more susceptible to smudging, and can lead to premature chipping. Instead, apply three-to-four thin coats and allow each coat to dry in between.

4. Polish the tips of the nails. Many women forget to polish the tips of their nail. When applying nail polish, begin at the base and go up and over the tips of the nails to help seal the color and cut down on chipping.

5. Consider applying a polish with shimmer. The shimmering glitter particles found in some types of nail polish can actually help adhere the polish to the nails. Try a shimmer pink, purple, or mint green shade.

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6. Always apply a top coat. Not only is a base coat needed, but a top coat is also required to extend the life of your manicure. The base coat can be used as a top coat or you can use a clear polish made for top coat protection. Apply the top coat around the edges of the nails to help seal in the color.

7. Give the nails sufficient drying time. Nails should have at least 45 minutes of drying time before you try to handle items or open products with your nails. After an hour, submerge your nails in cold water to help set the nail polish. Apply lotion to help moisturize your hands and nails.

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  1. I have cleaned my nails with plain, white vinegar before applying the first coat, whether it is the clear base coat or the polish. Believe it or not this has helped with chipping.

  2. My son once urinated on one of my fingers, after I’d applied nail polish – it was the only finger that didn’t chip! I know make sure I quickly rinse my hands in my pee after I’ve applied the polish!

  3. Denise – The oil may be the culprit. See tip #1! Also, read Michaela’s tips below about cuticle oil.

    nydee – You need to use gloves when washing dishes if you don’t want your manicure to be ruined.

  4. What do you do for polish that comes right off? Here’s my issue. i apply base coat, top coat, thin coats of expensive polish (opi, julep, essie, etc), paint the free edge, and I clean off my nails before application. I use seche vite topcoat, julep cuticle oil, push back my cuticles, etc. And my polish peels right off. Or chips…always the next day. I love doing my nails while watching TV or whatever, but every day is like ridiculous I think! :) For instance, I polished my nails last night…my one glitter accent nail…the polish peeled right off a little bit ago. What is going on??? Can anyone help? lol.

  5. I apply a top coat every other day. Usually in the evening when I am just relaxing and watching a show. This makes my mani last at least 7 to 10 days. I don’t find it inconvenient because I do it on my down time anyways.

  6. I do all of this and they still chip! You can forget about washing dishes or doing anything for that matter so that’s why I just don’t bother. Why spend all that time applying nail polish when you just end up walking around the rest of the week with half of it gone? grrr I’m surprised someone hasnt invented something to remedy this problem yet lol

  7. Licensed Nail Technician Here: Immediately after you polish your nails, cover them in cuticle oil. Cuticle oil helps keep you from smudging your nail polish, if you were to accidentally brush your nails against something, the oil helps keep your polish from smudging, or if it does smudge, you can take your fingertip in a circular motion and try and smooth out the smudge, the oil helps lubricate your finger prints in this process. I kept a successful clientel just by using this technique. They usually never had to come back and ask me to fix a nail :) Bonus: it moisturizes your cuticles. You can also use coconut oil, almond oil, vegetable oil, olive oil…I just always like to use cuticle oil.

  8. Try not to wash your hands before polishing. Your nails will absorb the water and expand, only to shrink when they dry. This can cause your polish to chip as well.

  9. You can skip the 45 minutes of drying time by just putting your fingers in ice water, sans ice cubes of course, and they will be done in minutes. The best part, at least for me, it extends the life of the polish.

  10. Great tips – very helpful! It’s so true, the smallest chip can totally ruin an otherwise well-done manicure.

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