Top Story: The Definition of a Cougar

There’s a hit TV series about them in America and online forums saturated with reams of gossip but what really defines a cougar? Are they a product of evolution derived from hectic schedules and strong, independent-minded women or part of a negative cult whereby old ladies target younger men in an inappropriate manner? The latter narrow-minded opinion can surely be stamped out effortlessly in large part, due to the masses of evidence to the contrary. Being a cougar is an attractive quality indicative of someone who knows what they want and with the will, capability and determination to go after it. Busy women with careers, friends and fulfillment in abundance find something attractive in someone slightly younger; so what makes these women tick?

An unwillingness to conform to tradition
Tradition dictates that numerous milestones and activities in life be undertaken in a certain way and within certain limits. Society is so different from what it used to be and equality between the sexes a much closer concept. Independent minds aren’t afraid to question tradition any more and act against this based on what is right for them. Just as everything around us evolves, so does the dating scene and relationships. The same instinct that brought women the vote brings about these questions of tradition and the boundaries brought on by conformity to the forefront of women’s minds, and they’re not afraid to challenge them.

Ambition and independence
Ambitious women are busy women. They decline to abide to the usual path laid out for them and aspire to have the career of their dreams along with the diamonds and cars…all purchased from their own bank accounts. With much broader scope and bigger dreams a marriage, house with a front gate and two point four children now compiles part of the dream for these women, not all of it and a wider sense of fulfillment from other areas of their life can often result in a desire for a younger man able to keep pace with their sexual needs and higher levels of confidence. These women, often successful in the world of business can think objectively too and put a lesser emphasis on human emotion.

Ability to think for herself
Rather than going along with the trends and what their mothers did, cougars think for themselves. The arguably ruthless clarity with which women can perceive and act on situations today results in growing numbers of them going against the grain and doing what’s right for them in the present. Older women in the midst of a mid-life crisis desperately trying to revisit their youth cougar’s are not, a group of strong and independent thinkers who know what they want and that are unafraid to fulfill their needs and desires is a far more accurate description.

Growing acceptance
The hit TV show in the USA shown on ABC, Cougar Town follows an older woman divorced; dealing with her ex, raising a son, running her own business and helping others do the same, reliving her 20’s throughout her 40’s. The popularity of this series is surely in part due to the fact that others can relate to the lead character and her difficulties entering into a dating scene so far removed from what it once was. Growing acceptance of this idea means cougar’s are officially cool – a product of a new society combined with strong, independent, female minds that know what they want.



  1. I don’t think there needs to be a special name for mature, attractive, and accomplished women who chose to date younger men. Why can’t they just be women? There’s no special name for men who choose to date younger women. They’re just men.

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