Top Story: 4 Bra Styles That Make Your Breasts Look Dangerous!

Whether you’re a petite A cup or a curvy F cup, there is the perfect bust enhancing bra for ever figure. The right bra can make your breasts look bigger, smaller, rounder, perkier, higher… whatever you want it to do!

It’s quite simple to enhance your bust area naturally through the help of a well fitting bra, no surgery required! Here are my favorite four:

1. The Padded Bra

Whether it’s lightly padded or has some full-on bust enhancing gel fillets or air-filled pads, the padded bra works miracles to add fullness. Different padded bras are available depending on how much of an enhancement you are after – a lightly padded one adds slight shape, whereas there are bras out there that can give the appearance of an extra two cup sizes – perfect if you’re on the petite side and craving some curves!

2. The Push up Bra

The push up bra can help to make smaller busts appear both larger and fuller. The push up effect uplifts the breasts and creates that ‘cleavage’ that so many women desire but don’t naturally have. Even if you have a large natural cup size, you may not have cleavage as some women’s breasts are naturally further apart than others’. So when you want to dress to impress, pop on a V-necked little black dress and a push up bra underneath!

3. The Balconette Bra

This style of bra is also great for enhancing the cleavage, as the cups are designed in such a way that it has a very uplifting effect – similar to a push-up bra, but pushing up only rather than together too. A balconette bra is also perfect for women who don’t want to show off too much cleavage, as the line of the cups is more straight across than the typical ‘V’ shape that most bras have.

4. The Plunge Bra

Unlike the push-up, which pushes the breasts together and upwards, the plunge bra pushes them together only. It provides you with maximum support but with the centre gore quite low down, so it’s not visible when you wear a low cut neckline. So, for those super low cut tops and dresses, the plunge bra is your go-to choice – you’ll be oozing sex appeal!

Which is your favorite type of bra?

Author Byline: Michelle Star writes for Esty Lingerie, an online lingerie shop selling a variety of bras for every figure!




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