How To Wear Flare Jeans

Night Fever

The very word “flares” makes us think of 70’s disco nights and loud, over the top suits. Flare fit trousers are one of those unique items which come and go from fashion sporadically, being either massively in or massively out with usually very little in between. Unlike other cuts and styles of men’s jeans, such as more common ones like skinny and boot fit, it can often be difficult to find the right clothes to put together with your flare men’s jeans.

There is no doubt that every man looking to wear this superb style has to have a certain level of confidence and panache in order to pull it off effectively, so which ways can you go when wearing flares?

Let’s Rock Out

Flares are often associated with a rock and roll look, with the opposite extreme of skinnies being the other men’s jeans typically associated with rockers. With that being said there are still many outfit ideas to be explored. Let us get the jean out of the way first, however. The key with flares is undoubtedly the waist, or the hips, as that is where you probably where them, unless your name is Simon Cowell. Really understanding your waist/hip size correctly will ensure you have the perfect fitting pair of men’s jeans. You get enough room from the knee down with flares, so a snug fit around the waist is crucial. This will also ensure you are not lost in the denim and look to be much bigger than you actually are!

Flares allow any type of shoe to be worn with them, although formals are best avoided with loafers and plimsolls being the most sensible option. Bear in mind a lot of the shoe will be covered up, so as long as you have the colour you want you do not always have to be overly picky with the design.

Where’s his ass?

Sporty Chic

One great way to counteract the severity of a flare mens jean is so wear a snug fitting t-shirt or track top with them. Having closely fitted clothes, such as slim fitting garments, on your upper half will put an accent on your shape and figure, meaning those looking at you can focus on the look of the jeans as an effective addition to your style.

Other options to make flares look great include leather jackets or long, but closely fitted t-shirts such as those designed by Chuck Taylor.

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Dangerous Lee’s Final Thought: This article is about mens flare jeans, but I love flare and wide leg jeans. They give the illusion of being taller and slimmer, right up my alley!

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