4 of the Best Celebrity Spats

It there’s one thing we love more than a pair of celebrity friends, it’s a pair of celebrity enemies. Here are four of the best celebrity bust ups from recent years.

Mariah Carey vs. Eminem

There’s certainly no love lost between Eminem and Mariah Carey. It all stems from the rappers claims that he slept with the pop star.

Carey categorically denies that this ever happened, and the pair have been feuding ever since. She has claimed that Eminem must be a little bit mental and has accused him of being obsessed with her. She even included a spoof of his character in her video for the song “Obsessed” in 2009.

Not being funny but if anyone is obsessed and needs to let go it sounds like it is Mariah!

Paris Hilton vs Nicole Richie

The two Stars of The Simple Life are friends, then enemies, then friends. It’s impossible to keep up! Their biggest bust up came in April 2005 with the pair refusing to even speak to each other for over a year.

Neither Paris nor Nicole have spoken publicly about the cause, but it’s thought to have something to do with Nicole’s decision to show a homemade sex tape featuring Paris to a group of mutual friends. It’s a rumour that’s supported by Paris stating “Nicole knows exactly what she did wrong, and that’s all I’m going to say about it.”

It’s kind of a shame that they’ve made up again as we might be subjected to more of their awful, awful shows!

Wyclef Jean vs. Sean Penn

Wyclef Jean and Sean Penn fell out in 2010 over their mutual love of Haiti. When Jean announced that he was planning to run in the countries presidential elections Penn was highly critical of the musician, accusing him of being absent from his country when they needed help most in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake.

But Jean hit back saying that the only reason Penn hadn’t seen him in Haiti was that he was “too busy sniffing cocaine!”

Rihanna vs. Ciara

As it’s the 21st century we’ve got to include a twitter spat. Last February Ciara criticized Rihanna on television when talking to Joan Rivers, claiming that the last time they saw each other the megastar was rude to her.

And so the war of tweets began. Rihanna apologized…saying she must have forgotten to tip her, which is a little harsh. Ciara then threatened Rihanna, saying that she should be careful next time she saw her on or off the stage. Rihanna then jokingly called her a gangster before finally tweeting good luck booking that stage you speak of. It all seems a bit silly really.

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