5 Terrible Fashion Habits Every Woman Should Break

When it comes to the world of fashion, everybody has their down times. While men have it relatively easy in the fashion world, women have a tendency to fly off the deep end a dozen or more times in their lifetimes. Whether you’re a certified fashionista or just a closet cover girl, you might be committing one or more of these fashion sins. Check yourself, and if you’ve done wrong get back on track as quickly as you can. These are things you should never do.

Ignoring Your Body

Every woman has had her moments when something just didn’t quite fit, even though it would look really cute. But if throwing yourself backwards on the bed and pulling on your jeans like they’re stuck in a well is how you have to put them on, you’ve got a serious problem on your hands. Your body is a unique work of art, so you don’t have to look like some model to be beautiful and sexy. You also don’t need to torture yourself with something that hasn’t fit since high school. So please abandon the lie.

Not Showing Your Best Parts

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. So many women walk around looking hot but still wearing big, puffy sweaters and sweat pants that make them look like grocery bags blowing in the wind. If you’ve got a tight tummy, wear a midriff shirt every now and then. If you’ve got legs that won’t quit, don’t wear a skirt that resembles a tent. Let the world know what you’ve got, and you’ll get plenty of appreciative glances for it. You’ll also feel more confident knowing you’ve got something the world wants.

Blindly Following Trends

We all make mistakes, but think about it carefully. When you look back at pictures of yourself in ten or twenty years, will you be horrified by what you’re doing right now? If you even think the answer might be yes, keep the 70s and 80s in mind. Heck, even the 90s were a little crazy if you didn’t like dipping your head in hair spray every day. No matter what you wear or how you style your hair, make sure it’s because you really want to and not because other women are doing it.

Wearing a Name

When you wear something, it has to have a look and an attitude that meshes well with yours. If you just bought it because it had the right “name” on it, who’s even going to notice? More than that, who’s going to care if your entire goal is to join “the herd” and dress like everybody else. Better to wear the Goodwill special and be yourself.

Trying to Stick Out

Okay, hold up. If there’s something neon on your body, this had better be rave gear. If your earrings could double as bracelets, you may be going a little too far. Why are you doing this to yourself? Let your personality be what shines, not your wardrobe. How you wear it is way more important than trying to wear the craziest thing in the room.

Fashion is a minefield. Just don’t step on any of the above mines, and your style choices won’t blow up in your face. Facebook pics don’t ever really go away, you know.

About the Author: Hal Kempinski is a sensitive male who works in an office full of fashion-challenged women. When he’s not giving fashion advice, he can be found researching health and wellness information concerning candida, how to find a candida specialist, and conditions that affect the general population.


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