5 Ways to Ruin a First Date

If you have been waiting a long time, and have finally managed to get yourself a date with someone you really like, it’s important to make the most of it. It’s all too easy though (especially when you are nervous) to do something silly and ruin your chances.

Fortunately for you, this post is about those silly things and how not to do them. So that hopefully you can avoid making these 5 mistakes and ensure you get a second date.

1 – Arriving Late

Ok, so you can’t control everything, but you should plan contingency. Make sure you leave early, plan ahead and make sure that even if you get stuck in traffic you are on time. You should also make sure you have your date’s number in case anything goes terribly wrong. So you can let them know you’ll be there.

Ok, sometimes something totally unpredictable happens, and you might not be able to help but be late – don’t let your date feel stood up, call and explain.

2 – Talking About Past Dating Faux Pas

Some people have a habit of dwelling too much on past dates. Your date almost certainly isn’t interested and telling them all about previous disaster dates is not a good way to make yourself seem appealing.

3 – Talking About Past Loves Lost

Just like the point above. Most people have past loves and you will probably never forget your first love, but a first date is not the right time to talk about it. This is a new relationship, with a new person, live in the moment and make the most of it.

4 – Don’t Listen To Your Date

Failing to listen (and I mean really listen) is probably the biggest mistake you can make. There is nothing worse on date than realising that your date has not really been listening to you all night. Make sure you pay attention and actually take the opportunity to get to know your date. Being genuinely interested is probably the most attractive feature your date is looking for in you.

5 – Talking About Yourself Too Much

People love to talk about themselves, and generally get annoyed by other people who talk about themselves too much. Try to break the mould, ask your date about themself, certainly answer questions when asked, but resist the urge to talk about yourself at every opportunity. Also, don’t forget to listen to what they tell you (see point number 4).

First dates can be nerve wrecking things, but exciting too. Hopefully with these tips you can start your dating in a positive way and avoid the worst of the blunders!

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