How To Save Money On Fashion

The World’s Gone Personal

Having something, more specifically, having a person, who works personally for you, sounds awfully expensive doesn’t it?  From a personal fitness trainer, to a personal assistant, to a personal tutor.  All are wonderful people to have on your side, however all are also a great strain on those all important purse strings, and for this reason remain very much an exclusive luxury to those who can afford it.

Were you to think “personal stylist” you would no doubt be thinking the same thing.  If I went further, and told you that amazing personal style services were available to you completely free of charge, you would probably end up wearing a puzzled expression wondering what on Earth I was talking about.  Surely this is too good to be true.

Leave Your Fashion Disasters Behind

Leave your fashion disasters hidden away in the past with a free personal stylist.  No catch, no hidden costs, and very little effort is required from you.  Those people in your ear who are always telling you to improve your style can be silenced forever, and you don’t have to worry about finding your nearest store.  You can work with them online, so you don’t have to worry about them judging you or otherwise.  As for your über-stylish friend, who you fear mocking you should he find out, fear not.  You don’t honestly believe that’s all his own work do you?  If you’ve been conned, its okay, we won’t tell anyone, and neither will he once he notices you’ve picked up on his dirty little secret.  Seeking a personal stylist is a lot like internet dating used to be.  A lot of people are doing it, yet very few admit to it.

Personal Stylist- Get Involved?

Imagine saying to someone, this is me, these are my tastes, this is how I want to look, then they return with a myriad of suggestions of clothes suitable for your build and style.  Easy, and not a Channel 4 camera crew or Gok Wan in sight, encouraging you to stand stark naked in a high street window, or parade down a catwalk in a busy shopping centre in your dressing gown.

Make the most of a unique, simple personalized styling service today.  Save yourself time in the shops and angst in the fitting rooms.  If you’re not comfortable selecting what’s “you”, or have no idea what’s “you”, why not let the professionals do it for you, at no cost?

Style Pilot is an online personal stylist for men’s fashion. The website is a tool designed to help any man navigate fashion online.

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