9 Things That Happy People Do Regularly

Do you want to be happier in your life? The best way to become happier is to learn from people who are already happy in their life! There are many things that happy people have in common, and you can take what they already know and start applying it to your life right now to be happier today.

1. Happy People are Grateful

You cannot be happy if you do not appreciate what you have in life and happy people know this. Happy people are grateful for everything around them, from the water in their tap to the house they live in. And as a bonus, the more you appreciate things in your life, the more things you will get to appreciate. You will notice more of what is good in your life and you will feel gratitude for each new discovery you make.

2. Happy People Spread Kindness

Happy people do not spread hate and anger, instead they spread kindness. They reach out to other people and make their day better in some way. They share a smile, lend a hand, or do a good deed. Spreading kindness makes you happy because you are making other people happy. How can you feel good when you make other people feel miserable? You can’t, so take a look around and see who you can help out today.

3. Happy People Avoid Comparing Themselves to Others

Do you find that you do not feel good about yourself after watching a model walk down the runway? Comparing yourself to someone else can make you feel bad if you think they have something that you should have.

The truth is that we are all individuals and we all have unique traits about us that should be appreciated by others and by ourselves. You will not be a better person because you are like someone else or have something someone else has. You are great because you are you! Happy people understand this and do not need to compare themselves to others.

4. Happy People Do Not Hold on to Grudges

If you want to be happy then you need to learn how to forgive. Holding on to past grudges can cause you to relive that moment over and over again. Reliving a moment that made you unhappy can only make you unhappy right now.

Learn to let go and forgive. Move on from unpleasant experiences or people and do not let them affect your life in the present. You will find that you will be much happier when you do this.

5. Happy People Look at the Bright Side of Life

Happy people see the cup half full while unhappy people see the cup half empty. Happy people do not let the bad side of an experience or person drag them down, instead they see the good side of the situation and try to find a silver lining.

I know of many happy people who think every experience that happens to them is for a positive reason. One girl I know can even make a blown out tire seem like a positive experience by claiming that something worse was going to happen if the tire had stayed inflated. In essence, she decides that the blown out tire may have saved her life. That is a pretty positive way at looking at a flat tire, and it can only make you happy about a situation that could make you really ticked off if you let it.

6. Happy People Live in the Present

Happy people know that the only place to be is in the present.

  • If you live in the past then you may hold on to regrets or anger.
  • If you live in the future then you may become anxious and worried.
  • But if you live in the present then you can focus on the joy of what is happening now without regret or worry taking over your thoughts.

When you find yourself focusing on the future or the past try to take a deep breath and recognize the moment right in front of you. Stop to smell the flowers, so to speak. Take the time to really live in the moment, because this moment is really all you have.

7. Happy People Deal With Stress Better

Happy people do not let stress drag them down in life. Instead they take action towards defeating their stress and getting on with their life.

Stress is caused by things not happening the way you want or by things affecting your life negatively. The only way you can change what is happening is by taking some sort of action to fix the situation. For instance, if someone stresses you out every time you see them, you have the choice to change nothing (which will keep causing stress) or take action towards fixing why they stress you out. Always try to find a way to change something that bothers you and you will find that you will be happier.

8.  Happy People Do Not Live Life Alone

Happy people nurture the relationships is their life and build more relationships as their life goes on. Relationships can include lovers, family, or friends as long as the relationship adds some sort of meaning to their life. You will often find that the most social people are the most happy in life.

I used to work at a seniors home, and the seniors who socialized and formed bonds with other residents were very happy. Alternatively, the seniors who stayed in their rooms and avoided other residents were short-tempered. I also found that the happy seniors were much more likely to keep their cognitive skills sharp, while the unhappy seniors tended to go downhill faster. Yet another reason to form good relationships!

9.  Happy People Learn Their Lessons From Bad Experiences

When you go through a bad experience, learn from it, and come out a stronger person, you will find that you will go through life with a continuous increase in happiness because you begin to understand what you want in life and where you want to be in life, and you take action towards achieving it.

Having the ability to see positive lessons in bad experiences allows you to take negative situations, learn from them, and never have to face those negative situations again.

People who do not seek out personal growth tend to continuously run into the same problems. Instead of discovering who they are and what makes them happy the take whatever comes to them and accept it as life.

A good example of this is the unhappy person in a relationship who says “I always date losers that treat me poorly!” They have not learned from their past relationships and therefore they attract someone who they do not want over and over again. Only when they realize that they want something more out of a partner will they start to seek something more out of a partner.

Incorporate these 9 tips into your life and I bet you will start to be one of the happy people very quickly!

This article was written by Kari, the owner of Manifest Connection, a blog that focuses on personal growth of the mind, body, and soul – including how to be happy right now.

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