Top Story – Are You A College Student That Wants Free Stuff? How And When To Get It!

Even if its useless company swag or that bonus Tupperware container that came with your lunch meat, free stuff always has at least one redeeming quality: its free. Everyone loves free stuff. But, perhaps the demographic that most loves free stuff is the “poor, too busy to do anything else but study and stay up late with friends” college student.

As a result, people who give free stuff have identified college students as the main demographic to which free stuff should be offered, which makes perfect sense. You may be thinking, “Hey! I’m a college student and I don’t have people giving me free stuff,” to witch we say, “You just have to know where to look.”

Happy Birthday: here, have this…

Birthdays are the absolute best time for college students to get free stuff. In fact, there are so many birthday giveaways that you probably could not cash in on all of them even if you drove around all day and tried. For example, did you know that you can get a coupon for a free burger from Red Robin on your birthday? And after that, go cash in on your free five dollar credit from Dave and Busters! If you want to buy yourself a birthday card, Hallmark stores offer a %20 off coupon for birthday boys and girls.

Many sites provide lists for where to find free stuff as a college student. Check them out and start making big plans for that special day!

Free office supplies, and t-shirts…

The college demographic is one of the most sought after age ranges for advertising. Young, impressionable, and with a reason for shelling out cash that no parent can easily refuse: “I need it in order to be a successful student, Mom and Dad.”

And while college students have been found to be profitable to advertise to, companies have also realized that it is easy to get colleges students to advertise for them as well; by giving one college student something for free a company can be assured that their brand name will get out to all of their friends.What better way to expose the student than to lure them into wearing their name so all the other students have to look at it?  The best place to get apparel, office supplies, and t-shirts may be right on campus. Next time there is a career fair, check it out: you may even be inspired to get a job so you actually do not have to rely on free stuff. Though who wants to work, when you can walk out of those fairs with the equivalent of a box of pens, a free meal and next week’s wardrobe.


Everyone and their grandmothers have a facebook. Even if you do not have a Facebook, you can still access the wonderful Facebook group dedicated to finding free stuff. People just come along and put up links and ways to get free stuff. You could get free coffee and donuts, free movie tickets, free Honey Nut Cheerios, and free books. The Facebook group is a reliable source for free stuff because it is participated in by eyes all over the country just searching for the next cheap date idea.

But Facebook doesn’t only have one resource for finding free stuff! With the popularity of social media, companies have also begun to realize the popularity of Facebook advertising. From big brands to that mom and pop coffee shop down the street, every company these days has a Facebook page. Look out for Facebook offers from these companies, where if you like their page they will send you a free sample.

Free money on your campus…

Many universities are just waiting to give their students money. Is it entirely free? Well, no. But, all you have to do is get connected to, for example, the psychology department. Often times sciences that depend on case studies, interviews, or experimentation need live subjects. If you do not mind going across campus to the building and spending fifteen minutes answering questions about your sleep habits, then these kinds of opportunities may as well be free money, right?

Your student ID can save you…

Well technically this is not “free stuff” per se, actually, it is more of a discount, but think about the effort involved. With the other free stuff options, you have to print out a coupon or wait for three weeks for a little bag of pretzels to come in the mail. Here, you only have to flash your awkward Freshman mugshot on a valid campus ID card and see what kind of savings you can get. Movie theatres are popular places to receive such a discount, as well as many local food stops (especially the ones that wrap up big burritos in aluminum foil).

Jake Malone is a freelance writer for many sites including Article Writing Services.

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