Celebrities Who’ve Had Plastic Surgery

A storm of plastic surgery is taking over the world. Some people need it and others don’t but we thought it would be interesting to put together a list of some celebrities that you’d never guess have had plastic surgery.

Ashlee Simpson was born in Texas and is well known for her part in Melrose Place. As a singer, dancer and actress she knows better than anyone the pressure of looking ‘perfect’. Ashlee underwent rhinoplasty in 2006 at the tender age of 22.

Okay, so everybody knows about Michael Jackson and his plastic surgery but we figured we’d mention him as he was a big advocate of cosmetic enhancements. The amount of surgery he underwent is quite immense…

  • Chin reshaping
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Eye surgery
  • Multiple nose jobs
  • Facelifts
  • Skin bleaching

He undoubtedly made his plastic surgeon very, very rich.

Mickey Rourke starred in Iron man 2 as a Russian villain taking vengeance on Tony Stark. The star has had cartilage removed from his ears as well as undergone six nose jobs. A surgeon has been heard commenting that he might also have had upper eyelid lifts, hair transplants and numerous facelifts. He might even have gone as far as having cosmetic surgery performed on his face prior to “Rumble Fish”.

Nicole Kidman not only has incredibly alluring looks, she also has a surprisingly good voice as heard in musicals like Moulin Rouge and Nine. Although she hasn’t had much done, she regularly has botox injected into her forehead. She has stated that the procedure is uncomfortable and denies indulging in any other kind of plastic surgery. Some people are just naturally beautiful we guess.

A heartbreaker to thousands of Baywatch fans, David Hasselhoff captivated millions of women with his slow motion running and chest hair swaying in the breeze. David has stated that he’s used botox on his face, but when looking at photos floating around the internet we believe “The Hoff” might have undergone more than just a simple botox injection.

One of the most talked about reality stars, Kim Kardashian, has been under the spotlight from fans and media journalists wondering if she’s had any work done. Rumours have been flying that she has had work done on her cheeks, eyes, breasts and butt. After the accusations she posted a picture of herself when she was younger to show that she is au naturel. Looking at the image we believe her story about not having had anything done to her breasts and butt, though slight changes may have been made to her face. We really don’t think she needs any work done – she already looks beautiful.

It’s really funny that most astonishingly young looking actors and actresses only claim to have used botox when it’s so blatantly obvious that there’s more to the story than good make-up. It’s okay guys, you can admit you’ve gone under the knife – we won’t judge (too much).

Ruan Smit is an experienced online content writer who enjoys writing about various topics such as plastic surgery costs, lifestyle tips, plastic surgery and the latest trends.


*A word from Dangerous Lee – You all know that I am a huge Michael Jackson fan so when anyone says anything not quite accurate about him I have to comment. Michael Jackson suffered from the skin disease vitiligo, it affected the color of his skin. Any treatments that Michael had for his skin, whether it be “bleaching” or something else is related to his pre-existing condition.

Thank You…moving on…

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