Funniest Book Ever

The last time I was at a used shop I picked up this book by this guy I never heard of called Ned Vizzini.  The book was “Teen Angst? Naaah…”.  Just the title is enough to make you laugh.  But, honestly, I thought it might be a self help book!!!  Turned out to be one alright but not one you’d think.  Let me explain.

See, for the last few months I’ve been undergoing treatment for breast cancer.  I’ve tried to find the humor in things but it’s been hard.  I’ve been able to laugh but not really LET GO.  Well, that’s how this book became the self help book I needed.  I didn’t just laugh, I ROARED!

These essays were written as Ned (yes, he’s actually a real person) experienced life through junior and senior high.  It’s awesome reading about the experiences of someone who is a bigger dork than you are!!  I absolutely salute his nerdiness because he took the CAKE!!  His sense of humor in this is dry, exactly the way I like it.  He cracked jokes left and right and they are so subtle they are perfect.  His stuff is hilarious.  He’s like Seinfeld for the teen set.

He talks about how weird his life is, and believe me it’s WEIRD.  He talks about his friends, who are on another plane when it comes to dorkiness.  He talks about his amazing school, Stuyvesant.  And he talks about his awkwardness around girls, to name but a few topics he covers.  And he does so with such dry hilarity that you can’t help but laugh yourself silly.

If you want to relive high school through the eyes of the King of the Dorks, I strongly suggest you get this book.  And for more information on anything Ned Vizzini, go

I give this book 5 bookmarks out of 5.

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