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Ask Dangerous Lee: Which is sexier – sexting, cybering, or phone sex?

Q: Which is sexier – sexting, cybering, or phone sex? Why?

Pam S.

Chicago, IL

A: I personally prefer sexting. Maybe it’s because I am a writer and I enjoy playing with words, but I find that sexting  allows your imagination to run wild and create sexy and erotic visuals in the mind. Also, if a man (or woman) can use words creatively to turn you on there is hope that he (or she) can please you in the flesh. Remember, sex takes place in the mind first! To be honest, I participate in sexting with men that I have not had sex with and perhaps never will. I guess I am a sexting tease!

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12 thoughts on “Ask Dangerous Lee: Which is sexier – sexting, cybering, or phone sex?

  1. I’m not sure… I haven’t the opportunity to try any of the above mentioned sexual turn ons… as you know I just came out of loving relationship and I’m coping with the lost of a truly loving woman… If I had to try one, it would be Sexting. I write lyrics and most of my songs are ballads… I always wanted to write a song about sex… something in the vain of PRINCE… I have one song called Strawberries which is about the woman’s breasts. I always appreciate the beauty of a woman’s breasts. The song is still in the works. I put it down after my break up.. maybe in the near future I will attempt finish it… yes, Sexting might the one…


    Posted by Clint Brantley | 08/12/2011, 12:01 PM


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