Stories Wanted: Black Women and Body Image


- Attention Black Women -

Author Kimberley Johnson wants to know how you feel about your curves:

As a white woman, I have noticed that black women do not seem have as much insecurity with their bodies, especially with weight as white women. This is also very much accepted by white people. For instance, a black celebrity like Beyonce has a round, voluptuous, curvaceous shape. She is praised for it and she looks fantastic. When a white woman has a similar shape, the public in general has more negative things to say about the same curves.

I have seen women in the black community take pride in their physical appearance no matter their shape or size. But as I do an Internet search, I find eating disorders are affecting more black women.

I would love to get stories from black women (all anonymous) describing how it is for you. What messages did you get from your mother growing up? From your peers? How do you perceive it to be for white women? Have you ever indulged in any kind of unhealthy behavior with food? Are you happy with your body? Have you ever experienced body hatred?

Over the years in my own struggle with my body & self image, I have heard from other white women that they think black women have it easier. Is this true? You tell me. I want your story.

Guidelines for submission can be found HERE

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4 thoughts on “Stories Wanted: Black Women and Body Image

  1. I know this post is old but i will comment on it. First of all beyonce is creaole not black. Second yes there eating disorders in black communitys. Anorexia and eating disorders. Eating disorders are higher because of no good examples for us to look up to. So some might not feel the pressure to be really skinny like white women. Though there ars healthy black women,they never get seen in the media. Leaving people with conclusions that all of us are fat and we love it. So not true. Curvy bodys are seen as a beauty sign in black communitys. Especially women who are thin in the ab section and curvy and the butt section. I would have to disagree with you on black women having it easier than white women. We have pressure to fit into you western culture,we see white women every where. Magazines,tv,media, advertisements,products. Hell even in so called black porn. Lighter skin is seen as beauty,darker skin and kinky hair isnt. Thats why you see halle berry and beyonce more because they fit into .a western society of what black women should look like. When on fact beyonce looks nothing like average black women in america. So the next time you have a question about our eating disorders. Maybe you should go into why your western culture is messing us the heck up.

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