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Justina is Hard to the Body

Recording artist JUSTINA

At first glance, I know some of you may be thinking that Justina is just another white chick trying to be down, but guess what? She is down.

I’ve been diggin’ Justina since I got wind of her head bangin’, sassy, and straight forward track, Go F*ck Yaself. Check it out!

 – Highlights -

  1. She was born and raised in Clifton, New Jersey.
  2. She writes her own music.
  3. She’s involved in extensive charity work.
  4. She has appeared in ads for House of Dereon and Enyce.
  5. She played Dave Navarro‘s personal assisstant, Chloe, on IFC Network’s series, ‘Z Rock‘ .
  6. She appears on the cover of issue 11 of Grindahz magazine.
  7. Her music has been used on popular television shows such as VH1’s “Mob Wives” and Oxygen Network‘s “Runnin Russel Simmons”.
  8. She hits the New Jersey airwaves every Monday night from 7pm until 10pm on her radio show Matrix Mondays.

Listen and learn more about JUSTINA by visiting her official website!

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