Talk To My Hand

Palmist and Soul Mate Specialist, Myrna Lou, read two scanned copies of my right palm and here’s what she had to say about me!

Dangerous Lee’s Palm Reading:

Hi Lee,

You have a textbook hand and I love reading this kind. Mine is too. Some people are very difficult to read because they have so many lines and complications in their lives.

This is my take on your palm (fast read). You will live a long life. Your heredity line goes to 90-92. Anyone under the age of 50 will see 120-130 due to technology.There will be no hospital, wheelchairs, nursing or Alzheimer’s when you are old. A blessing!

Love line: shows you are not a fast lane person who meets, greets and drops someone for no reason. I do not think you are married. It shows a late bloomer, not going out until you reached driving age. Shows you are easy to be with, a good conversationalist, not mean spirited or selfish. You want a partner in your life who is a like, not an opposite.You do not know where to go to meet the right energy for you and you keep missing the opportunity to find someone “special”.

Work line: You have worked since you were very young. always found ways to earn money and saved it for something you wanted. A career path is marked on your palm. The radio show is your hobby or second job, not the main wage earning one.

Reproduction: You could have 4 children. I believe you will do 2 and stop. 4 is the national average so you are not too fertile or not fertile at all, but normal in this area.

Bracelets: You are showing 75 years as of now on your wrist. Some people get them early as you did. Mine are exactly the age I am today. My relatives are not yours; we show the family history there.

Soul Mate Symbol: You have it by your wrist, looks like a tent or pyramid mark on the palm. Not everyone gets it. I don’t have one. You also have the ski track down the center of your palm. I don’t have that either. Almost 0 people get both symbols. The Soul mate mark is great alone. 1 in a million marry their soul mate the first and only marriage. 1 in 500,000 have the track and that represents 2 marching to the same drummer’s beat, compatible 100%.

Yours is a very interesting palm. I hope you enjoyed reading this.

In Love & Light

Myrna Lou

Master Palmist

I will absolutely not be having more children!

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