Chastity Belts For Men

Men, would you wear a chastity belt for your woman? describes their products as novelty items, but I’m sure there is a demographic for this. I see it being using for S & M games more than anything else or maybe even a sex toy! What would you do with it?

Looks like he’s already handled his business inside, or is that sweat?

Afterthought: A man wearing a chastity belt will still have his fingers and tongue, which are often used for sexual acts.


  1. “Chastity belts are ridiculous.” At the least they are a ridiculous notion that goes back to the Victorian Era when boys were forced to sleep in horse hair pajamas as punishment. Or they had hot spices rubbed on their private parts that would leave them howling in pain for an hour or more after they were caught masturbating.

    But I fear Chastity Belts are not as ridiculous as one might think. The reason being the men that get in trouble with the law for public sexual acts or inappropriate sexual behavior. In another time period their it would seen as normal sexual behavior. But in our time it is seen as a disorder or crime. Then when you add alcohol to some men they find themselves getting in trouble.

    So in some cases although maybe ridiculous they might be warranted.

  2. To answer your question “Looks like he’s already handled his business inside, or is that sweat?”

    It appears to be sweat, or as my mother would say “perspiration”. If it was semen it would be more likely collected and dripping around the bottom of the tube. After a time it is possible for a man to ejaculate inside his chastity belt or tube if he has been locked up long enough and has been made overly aroused by the woman he loves.

    The longest I ever went without masturbating or orgasm was 5 whole months. A special internet lady friend and I had control problems with sex. We both decided to become fully sexually abstinent until we broke the power orgasms had over us. It takes many months for that to happen. With the hold on it broken now the need to masturbate only comes every two weeks or so. A long time can pass before I realize that it has been a while since the last orgasm.

    For the man his testicles can become very uncomfortable after months of not ejaculating. He can look at a woman that he has no earthly desire for and become aroused simply because she is a woman. It is a difficult fight because even the smallest slip of the mind into a sexual thought cause painful testicles.

    On the day of the end of the 5th month or the first day of the 6th month I had a release of semen while using the toilet while having a bowel movement. Part of the problem might have been my own creation as I have to aim myself into the toilet bowl while using the toilet. So part of the release could have come from touching myself. Also the 5th month time period was working on my mind too. But in fact I didn’t feel it happening when I had my release. Just the act of pushing down hard to make a BM put pressure on the prostate causing a flow of semen. I didn’t know it happened until I pulled my hand away to reach for toilet paper and I saw it was heavy with semen.

    So even being locked up in a chastity belt the male body will find a way to release semen. Small wet dreams are common. You know you had one during the night because your morning urine flow is disrupted by the sticky semen that has collected in your urethra.

    I can attest that some men do feel guilty about masturbating. Some women and mothers do teach adult sons that they shouldn’t masturbate and tell them directly to their face that masturbation is wrong. Usually it is religious based teachings, possibly from a woman or mother doing bible study. A man still living at home will do his best to refrain from masturbating because he respects his mother and her teachings. After he his own his own and away from her influence he becomes weaker in his resolve to live by her teachings.

    In a way having a mother put adult sons in chastity belts could be seen as a blessing as he wouldn’t have any guilt feelings or feelings of disappointing her as he wouldn’t be able to give in to his forbidden desires. I am certain a man would feel pride from the looks of approval his mother would give him knowing that he isn’t disgracing her or himself.

  3. “Men, would you wear a chastity belt for your woman?”

    Yes I would if by doing so it gave mental peace and comfort to the woman that I was in love with. There was a woman that had a huge website, using her words she was “disgusted” by male masturbation. To be with her you would have to give up masturbating. She would rather you give it up but if need be she would allow you to be in a chastity belt. She did enjoy sex so the man who would be with her really wouldn’t have a need to masturbate.

    There does seem to be a pattern among the women that want their man in a chastity belt. Often it relates to the women picking bad partners again and again. So they end up with “issues” and try to gain stability in their lives by trying to control the relationships they are in. That includes making their man wear a chastity belt. They expect 100% obedience from their man in the form of him deferring to her wishes and desires. The women believe if they make all decisions in the relationship it will turn out better than if they let the man lead them.

    There are two problems with that. No man is 100% submissive and unless he loves her epically it isn’t likely that he could always defer to her. Then a woman will probably lose respect for her man if he doesn’t act manly and stand up to her from time to time.
    So you have a mixed problem there.

    Most of the desire for chastity bet wearing is in the fetish desires and fantasy life of men. In reality I bet 99% of the men that post who say they wear a chastity belt only do so in their head, but not in reality.

    Like you I see them being used for S & M games more than anything else or including as a sex toy to build desire before climax.

    What would you do with it? Hmm, making a man put one on Friday night and keeping it locked might get a woman receptive oral sex by Sunday night.

    I might also want to wear one to stop self pleasure when not in a relationship. As you’ve seen on the news even famous men have been caught masturbating in public restrooms. There are women friends that would hold a chastity lock key for a male friend.if it meant feeling better about him and his behavior and as they know it would help him stay out of trouble.

    Of course he would need to toilet sitting down. And it could cause irritation problems if he didn’t have a woman to release him for cleaning and drying.

    I think the best reason for a man to wear a chastity belt would be if it would keep his relationship from breaking up and to strengthen it.

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